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News & Notes 📰

The CrossFit Lake Wylie Open starts this Thursday! 

Here’s your guide to earning points and making every moment count. Whether it’s crushing the workout, supporting your fellow athletes, or showcasing CFLW pride, there are plenty of ways to contribute and accumulate points for your team. Let the games begin!

  • Complete the Open workout during “Friday Night Lights” (4-7 pm) +3 points
  • Complete the Open workout outside of “FNL” +1 point
  • Log your score into +2 points
  • Judge for someone else +1 point
  • Take the Judges Course online +5 points
  • Leave a 5-star Google review for CFLW +4 points
  • Make a post or story on Facebook or Instagram (you must tag CFLW, your coach/team captains) +1 point
  • Top Score @ the gym (1 M/1 F) in the RX, Scaled, and Foundations divisions (6 athletes per week) +1 point
  • Show up to support others +1 point
  • Wear your CFLW gear during the Open workout +1 point
  • Wear your CFLW OPEN gear during the Open workout +2 points
  • Personal records – perform your first ever skill or do better in a retest +3 points
  • Most spirited – team with the most encouragement, noise, pride and presence each week will be awarded +10 points. (Multiple teams can earn)

New Workout Tracking App – PushPress Train

We have officially switched workout tracking apps to PushPress Train and will no longer be using SugarWOD. All you need is the PushPress for Members app for everything – reserving, checking in AND logging workout scores.

Everyone has access to this already. Just open the PushPress for Members app > Click Schedule > Click Workouts > Scroll down to Log Result. Note: When logging your scores, please only select Rx or Scaled. The Intermediate category is not supposed to be there. If you select that option your results won’t show up on the leaderboard. I’m working with PushPress to get this fixed.

You can look at the leaderboard by clicking Results. Instead of fist bumps we’ll be giving each other blue fire to indicate a “like” and you can even leave a GIF with your own comments or take a picture to post, post a pic from your camera or add a link in the comments.

If you want to import your data from SugarWOD here are the instructions. You will need to do this on your computer. Please read this article carefully as there is a separate link within that shows you how to link your Benchmark workouts and lifts. Note: The Back Squat 1 RM is not showing up for some reason. I’ve already reached out to PushPress and they are working on fixing this. If you have running PRs (200 m, 400 m, 1 mile, etc.), rowing PRs or other PRs like max double unders I recommend linking those to the Log Your Own – Time or Log Your Own – Reps benchmarks.

Import workout history from previous software

To log in to SugarWOD you need this link:

To log in to PushPress Train on your computer you will need this link. Just use your same username and password that you use for PushPress to log in.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions.

Birthdays this Week 🥳

    • 3/1 Vince Carlson
    • 3/2 Sandie Amersbach

CrossFit Lake Wylie Anniversaries 🤩

2/27/19 Jeremy M – 5 years

Nutrition & Wellness 🥑🧘🏽‍♀️🛌

3 Tips to Build 🛠️ a Healthy Lifestyle (#2 is so important for longevity )

Exploring the concept of lifestyle may sound familiar, but what does it truly entail?
At its core, lifestyle encapsulates the way you live, encompassing factors like your social circle, geographical location, religious beliefs, and cultural influences.

The World Health Organization underscores that a substantial 60% of elements affecting individual health and overall well-being are tied to one’s lifestyle.

However, numerous individuals find themselves adhering to unhealthy habits. To transition towards a healthier way of living, consider these three essential components:

#1 Build a Support System:
Establishing a support network that positively reinforces your goals is crucial. Whether it’s your partner, colleagues, or roommates, their alignment with your objectives is pivotal. Sharing your motivations and reasons behind your pursuits can garner understanding and backing from those who care about you.

#2 Embrace Progress over Perfection:
Acknowledge that life is unpredictable, and setbacks are inevitable. Strive for progress rather than perfection, emphasizing the positive aspects of your journey. Recognize achievements, and assess improvements in movement, mood, energy levels, and other factors. Focusing on these bright spots serves as motivation to persist.

#3 Simplify Your Approach:
Reject the all-or-nothing mindset that plagues our culture’s pursuit of instant gratification. Achieving a healthy lifestyle demands a gradual, focused approach. Instead of overwhelming yourself, concentrate on one aspect at a time. Seeking guidance from coaches, especially nutrition coaches, can provide clarity and accountability throughout your journey.

If you need a nutrition coach – we have got you covered. All you have to do is book a free consultation with me to get started.

— Coach TJ

Tell Me About CrossFit 📚👩🏻‍🏫

CrossFit is constantly varied, functional movement executed at high intensity.

Setting Goals For The CrossFit Open And Beyond

Next week we’ll get back to what we’ve been talking about and we’ll talk about scheme and priority. This week we encourage you to read this article. 

Setting Goals For The CrossFit Open And Beyond

Programming Summary 🏋🏽‍♂️

With the Open starting on Thursday and the first workout being programmed on Friday, we highly encourage you to be smart about your training this week. You’ll want to have more in the tank to do the first Open workout so think about reducing your intensity this week. 

Monday: Intervals of calorie rowing, double unders and max wall-ball shots.

Goal: At least 10-15 wall-ball shots per round; 40-60+ total. This means you need at least 30 seconds to do wall-balls.

Tuesday: A challenging high-skill combination of movements with rope climbs, GHD sit-ups and single-leg squats.

Goal: 7-12 mins, rope climbs sub 2 mins, GHD sit-ups in 1 min or less, single-leg squats sub 1:15 mins.

Wednesday: Our heavy day where you’ll go for a 1-rep-max clean and jerk. Beginners will go for 2 reps each set at lighter loads, working on dialing in mechanics.

Goal: Build to a 1-rep-max clean and jerk. Start with a moderate load (75% or more) and make small increases.

Thursday: A triplet of shuttle runs, double-DB push jerks and box step-ups.

Goal: 3-5 rounds, shuttle runs in 1 min or less, push jerks in 1-2 sets, step-ups in 1:15 or less.

Friday: Open 24.1 TBD (announced on Thursday)

Goal: Give it all you’ve got and have fun!

Saturday: Fun Partner WOD!

No single workout can develop all aspects of fitness and training different time domains helps develop different metabolic pathways. That’s why CrossFit workouts vary daily.

Effectively harnessing elements of variance is key to developing a broad fitness. Keep showing up so you can be the best and fittest version of yourself! 😎

Upcoming Events 📆

The 2024 CrossFit Games Open starts Feb. 29


Whether you consider yourself a CrossFit newbie, competitor, enthusiast, fan, or community supporter, the CrossFit Open is for you.

For some, the Open brings to life the why behind our daily commitment to CrossFit. Many of us came to CrossFit because we wanted more for our health and fitness, and the Open provides us with a way to stay accountable to this effort. For others, it’s a way to connect and celebrate with other CrossFit athletes within their affiliate and in other cities around the world.

While the workouts get a good effort out of everyone, for many, the motivation to participate comes from the camaraderie and support that wafts through affiliates and the worldwide community during this time of year. The shared suffering reminds us we are part of something much bigger than our individual efforts: We are part of a community that believes in the truth that CrossFit makes us — and the world — better.

There are several options for each workout, making it easy to find a place where you can be challenged. Here are some of the divisions you can choose from:

  • Rx’d – Do the workouts as written. This is the most challenging option, yet many individuals have moved from scaled to Rx’d as they progress from year to year.
  • Age Groups – 9 age group divisions offering Rx’d and scaled versions of the workouts for teenage athletes aged 14-17 as well as masters athletes ages 35+.
  • Adaptive – modified for athletes with a significant, permanent impairment.
  • Scaled – Not quite ready to tackle the workouts as written? No problem. The scaled division offers classic scaling options for many of CrossFit’s common gymnastics movements and includes lighter loading.
  • Foundations – Just started CrossFit or maybe this is your first Open? The foundations workouts are a great place to start.

“I’m not fit enough or I’m not fit as I was last year “

You don’t have to at a particular fitness level to participate. To officially register click HERE. For more information click HERE.

Open workouts will be programmed as Friday’s workout of the day. However, we are doing another in-house Open competition and we will be doing “Friday Night Lights” where we’ll run heats and teams will earn more points for completing workouts during this time. We’ll have more details on the competition, what team you’ll be on, and how to earn points for your team soon.

We will be doing a Thursday Throwdown on 3/14 at 6:30 pm (no 6:30 pm class) for the last workout of the Open! Six athletes will go head-to-head and Bruce Williams will be here to capture the excitement. This year we are letting YOU pick who will go head-to-head in each category; Rx, Scaled and Foundations. Click here to vote!

We want to have as many spectators as possible there to cheer on the 6 athletes that will be doing the last Open workout. This is a super fun event and we encourage you to block your calendar and come support these athletes. See you there!



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