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News & Notes 📰

Happening this week

Thursday Throwdown – Thursday, March 14 at 6:30 pm

Remember, this Thursday is our Open Throwdown at 6:30 pm (no 6:30 pm class). The six athletes going head-to-head to take on 24.3 are:

  • Delroy and Gretta (Foundations)
  • Sasha and Raoul (Scaled)
  • Laurin and David (Rx)

Bruce Williams will be here to capture the excitement. We want to have as many spectators as possible there to cheer on the 6 athletes that will be doing the last Open workout. This is a super fun event and we encourage you to block your calendar and come support these athletes. See you there!

Pizza Party 🍕 and Free Injury Screenings – Friday, March 15 at 4 pm – 8:30 pm

We are having a pizza party after our last Friday Night Lights event on 3/15 starting around 7 pm (depending on when the last heat ends). We just want to celebrate the end of the 2024 CrossFit Open with our community and use the time to hang out and have a good time! Please reserve your spot for the event using the PushPress app > Schedule > Events > Register. We need to get a head count so we know how many pizzas to order.

Also, the team at Carolina Movement Doc asked to join us for Friday Night Lights to do 24.3 and offered to do free injury screenings for all members from 4 pm – 6:30 pm. Dr. Scott is one of the many physical therapists we know and trust and we’re excited to have him and his team join us for our last FNL event. Sarah Szejn is also on the team at CMD as a registered dietician. She used to coach at CrossFit Lake Wylie years ago so we’re excited to see her again!

Coach Matt is back!

Coach Matt had taken a break from coaching to get settled into his new role as Captain. Well he is back on the schedule and we’re excited to welcome him back! You will see coach Matt if you’re an early riser and come to the gym on Tuesdays at 5 am or 6 am. 

Picture of coach Matt

Thank You For Honoring Daniel 🌟

A heartfelt thank you to all our incredible members who joined Esther in commemorating her brother, Daniel, through the memorial workout on Saturday. Esther truly appreciated your support and sense of community on this special day. Together, we honored Daniel’s memory and stood as one united CFLKW family. Your presence made a meaningful impact, and we appreciate each and every one of you. Thank you. 💙

Picture of athletes that joined Esther to honor her brother Daniel

March Plank Challenge Leaderboard

Accumulate 150 minutes in the month of March holding a plank.

To access and track your minutes in PushPress go to the Workouts section and click the drop-down to switch from CrossFit to March Plank Hold Challenge.

Here are the top 5 athletes so far. Who will actually make it to 150 minutes?! 👀😮‍💨

Screenshot of plank challenge leaderboard

Birthdays this Week 🥳

    • 3/15 Jagadish Konduru

CrossFit Lake Wylie Anniversaries 🤩

  • 3/15/22 Dawn Campbell – 2 years
  • 3/15/23 Daniela Perez – 1 year

Nutrition & Wellness 🥑🧘🏽‍♀️🛌

The Magic Pill 💊to Success 🌟

Have you ever fallen for the allure of pills, powders, or diets promising miraculous results? We’ve all been there, enticed by the results that seem too good to be true. The world is filled with various diets and pills claiming to facilitate weight loss with rapid outcomes that prove short-lived.

Regrettably, a significant majority of individuals who shed pounds eventually regain them, all due to a single factor: a lack of behavioral change.

The reality is that the true “magic pill” for achieving lasting results isn’t a pill at all; it’s all about maintaining consistency. Let’s take a look at look at what consistency means:

  • Your habits are sustainable
  • You focus on progress, not perfection
  • You have solid routines

What it does not mean is being overly restrictive, never having dessert again, or being able to mindfully enjoy an adult beverage. It means balance. Consistency is the key driver behind tangible results, but achieving it is not easy without a well-thought-out plan and the accountability to stick to it!

This is where a coach can make a difference!

A nutrition coach can assist you in:

  • Crafting a personalized plan to help you reach your goals
  • Holding you accountable to that plan, ensuring enduring results
  • Navigating through events, life challenges, and stress to keep you on track toward your objectives!

If you find yourself feeling stuck and uncertain about the right path for you, I’m here to help! Book a free consultation with me to kickstart your nutrition journey.

— Coach TJ

Tell Me About CrossFit 📚👩🏻‍🏫

CrossFit is constantly varied, functional movement executed at high intensity.

What Are Functional Movements Anyway?

From CrossFit’s Level 1 Training Guide:
“There are movements that mimic motor recruitment patterns that are found in everyday life. Others are somewhat unique to the gym. Squatting is standing from a seated position; deadlifting is picking any object off the ground. They are both functional movements. Leg extension and leg curl both have no equivalent in nature and are in turn non-functional movements. The bulk of isolation movements are non-functional movements. By contrast the compound or multi-joint movements are functional. Natural movement typically involves the movement of multiple joints for every activity.

Functional movements are mechanically sound and therefore safe, and they also elicit a high neuroendocrine response.

CrossFit has managed a stable of elite athletes and dramatically enhanced their performance exclusively with functional movements. The superiority of training with functional movements is clearly apparent with any athlete within weeks of their incorporation.

The soundness and efficacy of functional movements are so profound that exercising without them is by comparison a colossal waste of time.” — Pages 14-15

In addition, functional movements generate a lot of power. And, they exhibit 6 defining characteristics. They are:

  1. Natural – No one taught us how to do it, we just know how (squatting, deadlifting – picking something up)
  2. Essential – When you can no longer do these, you lose quality of life (you can’t get up, can’t get off the toilet, etc.)
  3. Safe – These movements are safe to perform.
  4. They mimic motor recruitment patterns – For example, in training and developing a strong push press you use your hips to generate power. This means if you ran a mile you would probably see an improvement in your mile time because the push press and running both use the hips. You are recruiting the same muscles in the same movement patterns.
  5. Core to extremity – Generating power from the core then out to the extremities. As coaches we can see a core to extremity violation, for example an early arm bend in a power clean or snatch. When you bend your arms early, you’re asking weaker muscles to do the work of stronger muscles.
  6. Compound or multi-joint / Compound yet irreducible – You can’t break functional movements down into smaller parts. For example a squat uses ankle, knee and hip flexion and extension. If we break each one of those out into isolation movements like calf raises, leg extensions, and hip extensions and train only those, they will not help you get a heavy squat. It’s better to do the whole than the sum of it’s parts.

Programming Summary 🏋🏽‍♂️

This week has a mix of strength training, high-skill gymnastics and endurance training. Be smart about your training this week to be ready for 24.3!!

Monday: A fun partner couplet with sumo deadlift high pulls and wall-ball shots. This workout is meant to be a sprint!

Goal: At least 1 round per minute, one partner completes a full round at a time, unbroken SDHP, wall-ball shots in 1-2 sets to a higher target than usual.

Tuesday: A speedy, 10-round couplet of bar muscle-ups and shuttle runs. Stick around after the workout for strict chin-ups. 

Goal: Finish in 6:00-10:00 minutes, unbroken muscle-ups for most rounds, shuttle runs in :30 or less.

Wednesday: A fast triplet of DB push presses, DB front rack walking lunges and double-unders. But first, handstand holds in the skill work before the workout.

Goal: Finish in 4:00-8:00 minutes, push presses and lunges unbroken for 1-2 rounds, double-unders in 1:00 or less.

Thursday: Today you’ll work endurance with descending rowing distances partitioned by 400-meter runs. We’ll finish the class with some planks in the skill work.

Goal: Finish in 16:00-22:00 minutes, rows at a pace of 2:30/500 meters or faster, 400-meter runs in 2:30 or less.

Friday: Open 24.3 TBD (announced on Thursday)

Goal: Give it all you’ve got and have fun!

Saturday: Fun partner WOD!

No single workout can develop all aspects of fitness and training different time domains helps develop different metabolic pathways. That’s why CrossFit workouts vary daily.

Effectively harnessing elements of variance is key to developing a broad fitness. Keep showing up so you can be the best and fittest version of yourself! 😎

Upcoming Events 📆

Bring a Friend Week – Monday, April 8 – Saturday, April 13

CrossFit is fun but it’s more fun with friends. This is a whole week where you get to bring a friend or as many friends as you’d like so they get to experience CrossFit with you. They can come for free all week!

Don’t worry, we will make sure all the workouts this week are doable and not so technical for beginners (while still giving those of you with experience a challenge).

And for the exciting part…if your friend signs up for a membership you get $65 cash and your friend gets $65 off their first month! 🤩💵💰

Please send your friends this link to sign up.

  • You can invite as many friends as you’d like.
  • They can come as much as they’d like.
  • They don’t have to come to the same class as you.
  • Once your friends sign up we will send them instructions on how to reserve and check in to classes.

Member Perks 🤩

Being a member of CrossFit Lake Wylie has it’s perks and here are all the discounts and benefits you get for being part of our gym family!

  • Get 15% off at Thorne. You can get anything from prenatal vitamins and probiotics to creatine, whey protein, health tests and so many other high quality supplements.
  • Save 30% on your CrossFit Lake Wylie membership by using your HSA/FSA dollars to pay for your CrossFit Lake Wylie membership.
  • $1 per minute massages with James Jones from Zenergy Massage Therapy ($60/60 mins or $90/90 mins). Just let him know you’re a member of CrossFit Lake Wylie and show him your active membership in PushPress (click Memberships in the PushPress app). Text (803) 526-3550 or book your appointment here.
  • Get 10% off at WOD & DONE or use code CFLW at check out for discounts on:
    • Hand protection grips
    • Finger tape
    • Pre-cut thumb protection tape
    • Callus shaver
    • And more!
  • Get $10 off your first bag of Modballs clean energy bites or use code CFLW at check out. They have two flavors, almond coconut and peanut butter, which has been described as a healthy Reese’s Pieces. 😋
  • Get one free InBody scan ever quarter. Scans will be done every January, April, July, and October. Please be sure to get your scan done to keep track of muscle mass and body fat percentage to ensure you’re making the right progress. InBody scans need to be done prior to working out and preferably early in the morning. Nutrition clients get a free scan every month.
  • Check out our online apparel store and get yourself some new gear. We’ve got men’s and women’s tanks, T-Shirts and sweatshirts in various colors!
  • Save $$ and help our community grow. Check out our Referral Program and thank you for your support.
  • Check in at least 16 times (12 for Masters) a month and you make it to our Committed Club! If you make it each month your name goes in the monthly drawing for a prize.


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