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News & Notes 📰

Bring a Friend Week – Monday, April 8 – Saturday, April 13

CrossFit is fun but it’s more fun with friends. This is a whole week where you get to bring a friend or as many friends as you’d like so they get to experience CrossFit with you. They can come for free all week!

Don’t worry, we will make sure all the workouts this week are doable and not so technical for beginners (while still giving those of you with experience a challenge).

And for the exciting part…if your friend signs up for a membership you get $65 cash and your friend gets $65 off their first month! 🤩💵💰

Please send your friends this link to sign up.

  • You can invite as many friends as you’d like.
  • They can come as much as they’d like.
  • They don’t have to come to the same class as you.
  • Once your friends sign up we will send them instructions on how to reserve and check in to classes.

Group picture with Bring a Friend Week dates

Goal Setting Sessions & InBody Scans in April 📢

Hey guys, coach TJ here!

In case you didn’t already know- we care about your goals!

We care so much that we have integrated goal setting sessions as a part of your membership so we can help keep you on track and hold you accountable for meeting them. This is also where we’ll help you get your InBody scan and will review it with you so you understand the data.

You may be saying “I don’t have any goals- I don’t need this.” Well I hate to say it but YOU DO NEED IT. Either way, you joined CrossFit Lake Wylie to meet a goal and it’s possible you lost sight of it because it was overshadowed by life. Plus, you need to get your Q2 InBody scan done so we can see if you’re making progress in the right direction.

Please take this opportunity to meet with a coach (either Laurin or myself) to discuss your progress and upcoming goals. We want to hear about what you are proud of, what you want to do next, and how you will get there.

When: April 1st – April 6th, April 8th – April 12th, and April 15th – April 20th

Register here.

*If you’re not available during any of the times listed, please reach out to me and we can see if another time will work!

We understand that life happens, but please try to be courteous of our time/others’ and only book appointments that you’re able to honor. We only have limited time slots available.

Let’s get these InBody scans booked to see the progress you’re making! 💪🏼

— Coach TJ

April Push-Up Challenge

To try and help you guys get ready for Murph in May we are focusing on developing push-up stamina in the month of April.

Accumulate 1500 push-ups in the month of April. You can do any variation or modification of a push-up and switch the variation/modification as much as you’d like. This is not an all inclusive list.

  • Standard push-ups
  • Decline push-ups
  • Wide push-ups
  • Knee push-ups
  • Clapping push-ups
  • Diamond push-ups
  • One arm push-ups
  • Wall push-ups
  • Handstand push-ups
  • Pike push-ups
  • Ring push-ups

1500 reps / 30 days = 50 per day

You can do 10 reps for breakfast, 10 reps for lunch, 10 reps for dinner and 10 for your snacks in between. Or you can do 25 in the morning and 25 at night. It doesn’t matter how you get your reps done as long as you get them done! You can also choose to take rest days and just do more reps on other days. It’s up to you!

Let’s see who can do 1500 push-ups in April!

To access and track your reps in PushPress go to the Workouts section and click the drop-down to switch from CrossFit to April Push-Up Challenge.

*If you are not conditioned to this much volume, please proceed with caution and slowly increase the reps you’re able to do daily.

March Plank Challenge Winners!

Accumulate 150 minutes in the month of March holding a plank.

Today is the last day and here are the results. Greg, Justin, Shawne and Raoul all did it. They actually made it to 150 minutes! Amazing!

Plank challenge winners

Resurrection Cup is Back on Wednesday, April 3

Jason will be here again on Wednesday from 6 am – 10:30 am. And remember, you can order online, just click here!

Picture of Resurrection Cup trailer

Recent Member Wins 💪🏽🏆

  • Skip ran 2 miles for the first time in 28 years.
  • Garrett got his first rope climb the same day he learned how to do them.
  • Patsy got her first rope climb and checked in to 100 classes.
  • Kenyate’s blood pressure has improved after only 4 weeks of CrossFit.
  • Deb’s kidney levels are improving.
  • Bret has lost ~12 lbs.
  • Pam, Deb and Bret all did some foot-assisted ring dips for the first time.
  • Demi hit a PR on her squat clean.
  • Nikki hit a PR on her squat clean.
  • Dawn hit a PR on her squat clean.

*Remember to let a coach know if you hit a PR so we can highlight you each week. We know this is not an all-inclusive list of wins so be sure to share your wins with a coach so we can celebrate you!

Birthdays this Week 🥳

  • 4/3 Carrie C.
  • 4/5 Arianni D.J.
  • 4/6 Cain V.

CrossFit Lake Wylie Anniversaries 🤩

  • None this week.

Nutrition & Wellness 🥑🧘🏽‍♀️🛌

Improve your gut, your mood, and your health

Does your stomach feel out of sorts after a meal?

The problem is that most of us overlook the obvious when trying to figure out how to feel better, especially when it comes to our 🤢 gut.

Have you thought about your food quality being the culprit?

We live in such a fast paced society that we just want a quick fix. Who has time to stop and think about what we could be doing more of to improve the way we feel—am I right?

Think of it like this: If we don’t make time for health we will be forced to make time for illness.

With some easy swaps, we can help improve your gut health by avoiding the foods worse for gut health and incorporating more of the ones that are best for it.

Check out the list below to see if you have room for improvement with food choices that will make your gut go from 🤢 to 🤩.

🛑 Worst foods for your gut:

  • Refined sugar
  • Processed meats
  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Alcohol
  • Fried food
  • Refined carbs

🟢 Best foods for your gut:

  • Fruits and veggies
  • Lean meats
  • Fermented foods
  • Whole grains
  • Plain yogurt
  • Nuts and seeds

If you find yourself consuming a ton of added sugar, going through the drive-thru constantly, or enjoying that adult beverage on a regular basis it might be helpful to try to limit or swap those things out.

My favorite way for coaching clients on improving gut health is to focus on ADDING more into their diet. Some foods that are best for your gut include fruits and veggies, whole grains, and lean meats.

One of my all-time favorite snacks is zero-sugar yogurt, fresh berries, and a few almond slivers. It’s great for the gut, is balanced, and tastes 💯. Try it for your snack this week and let me know what you think.

— Coach TJ

Tell Me About CrossFit 📚👩🏻‍🏫

CrossFit is constantly varied, functional movement executed at high intensity.

CrossFit’s Four Fitness Models: 10 General Physical Skills

CrossFit has four fitness models. This week we want to introduce you to the first one: The 10 General Physical Skills. When you do CrossFit, the goal is to get you to improve in all areas so that you become a well-rounded athlete. Half of the skills are organic and the other half are neurological. But all of them are important if you want to maintain your independence as long as possible. Watch the video below for an explanation of the difference between the organic and neurological skills. Which skills do you need to improve on?

From CrossFit’s Level 1 Training Guide:
“CrossFit makes use of four different models for evaluating and guiding fitness. Collectively, these four models provide the basis for CrossFit’s definition of fitness.

There are 10 recognized general physical skills. They are cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy. (See Figure 2. Ten General Physical Skills for definitions.) You are as fit as you are competent in each of these 10 skills. A regimen develops fitness to the extent that it improves each of these 10 skills.

Importantly, improvements in endurance, stamina, strength, and flexibility come about through training. Training refers to activity that improves performance through a measurable organic change in the body. By contrast improvements in coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy come about through practice. Practice refers to activity that improves performance through changes in the nervous system. Power and speed are adaptations of both training and practice.” — Page 18

Figure 2. Ten General Physical Skills.

If your goal is optimum physical competence, then all the general physical skills must be considered:

  1. Cardiovascular/respiratory endurance—The ability of body systems to gather, process, and deliver oxygen.
  2. Stamina—The ability of body systems to process, deliver, store, and utilize energy.
  3. Strength—The ability of a muscular unit, or combination of muscular units, to apply force.
  4. Flexibility—The ability to maximize the range of motion at a given joint.
  5. Power—The ability of a muscular unit, or combination of muscular units, to apply maximum force in minimum time.
  6. Speed—The ability to minimize the time cycle of a repeated movement.
  7. Coordination—The ability to combine several distinct movement patterns into a singular distinct movement.
  8. Agility—The ability to minimize transition time from one movement pattern to another.
  9. Balance—The ability to control the placement of the body’s center of gravity in relation to its support base.
  10. Accuracy—The ability to control movement in a given direction or at a given intensity.

(Thanks to Jim Cawley and Bruce Evans of Dynamax)

Programming Summary 🏋🏽‍♂️

This week we start with benchmark workout Barbara that will really challenge your muscular stamina! Then we get to lift heavy on Tuesday and Friday, targeting strength. Thursday challenges your cardiovascular/respiratory endurnce.

Monday: Today we have the classic CrossFit benchmark, Barbara. This is nothing but gymnastics moves with pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups and squats.

Goal: 3:00-4:00 minutes per round, for at least the first 2-3 rounds, pull-ups in 1-2 sets, push-ups in 1-4 sets, sit-ups and squats in under 3:00 combined, rest exactly 3:00 between rounds.

Tuesday: Today’s workout is a sprint with a moderately heavy barbell. A couplet of running an clean and jerks but first a chance to build to a heavy set of 3 unbroken clean and jerks in the skill work before the WOD.

Goal: Finish in 7:00-12:00 minutes, runs in 1:15 or less, clean and jerks in 1:15 or less, fast singles on the clean and jerks.

Wednesday: This workout pairs two complimentary movement patterns via an ascending rep scheme: box jumps and handstand push-ups. Then, after the WOD KB shoulder presses.

Goal: Progress into the round of 14; advanced athletes into the round of 18. 15+ box jumps/minute pace, handstand push-ups in 2 sets for most rounds.

Thursday: A couplet of knees-to-elbows and a long bike.

Goal: Finish in 12:00-16:00 minutes, knees-to-elbows in 1:30 or less, bike in 4:00 or less.

Friday: Our heavy day where we go for a 10-rep heavy back squat.

Goal: Finish in 6:00-10:00; advanced athletes sub-6:00, sets of 5 or more unbroken squat cleans, complete the first set of ring dips in 5 sets or less.

Saturday: Fun partner WOD!

No single workout can develop all aspects of fitness and training different time domains helps develop different metabolic pathways. That’s why CrossFit workouts vary daily.

Effectively harnessing elements of variance is key to developing a broad fitness. Keep showing up so you can be the best and fittest version of yourself! 😎

Upcoming Events 📆

Register for Beers & Burpees – Saturday, October 12 – 12:20 pm and 1 pm Heats

We’re one of the co-host gyms for the 14th Annual Beers & Burpees Charity Event on Oct 12 in Charlotte/Indian Land.  This event supports the local non-profit Changing Lives Together Foundation ( and last year the event had 1,068 athletes and raised $138,000.  It’s a boot camp style partner workout with Standard, Scaled and Competitive workout options and the drinking is optional. 

Registration opens this Monday (3/25) and we’re trying to get our members to sign up for the 12:20 & 1:00 pm heat times soon so we can work out together!  SUPER Early Bird pricing is in effect now but ends on April 8.  

It’s 2-person teams and for $55/person (super early bird pricing) each person gets a t-shirt/tank top and 6 craft beers per team.  Heats are from 9 am to 6 pm with live DJ, games, activities, vendors, food trucks, craft beer garden and a kid’s Brownies & Burpees Heat at 1:40 pm. 

To register go to —

Member Perks 🤩

Being a member of CrossFit Lake Wylie has it’s perks and here are all the discounts and benefits you get for being part of our gym family!

  • Get 15% off at Thorne. You can get anything from prenatal vitamins and probiotics to creatine, whey protein, health tests and so many other high quality supplements.
  • Save 30% on your CrossFit Lake Wylie membership by using your HSA/FSA dollars to pay for your CrossFit Lake Wylie membership.
  • Get 10% off a GOWOD Premium subscription. Get in touch with one of our coaches! Our partnership with GOWOD will enable you to receive a subscription link that will save you 10% on your subscription!
  • $1 per minute massages with James Jones from Zenergy Massage Therapy ($60/60 mins or $90/90 mins). Just let him know you’re a member of CrossFit Lake Wylie and show him your active membership in PushPress (click Memberships in the PushPress app). Text (803) 526-3550 or book your appointment here.
  • Get 10% off at WOD & DONE or use code CFLW at check out for discounts on:
    • Hand protection grips
    • Finger tape
    • Pre-cut thumb protection tape
    • Callus shaver
    • And more!
  • Get $10 off your first bag of Modballs clean energy bites or use code CFLW at check out. They have two flavors, almond coconut and peanut butter, which has been described as a healthy Reese’s Pieces. 😋
  • Get one free InBody scan ever quarter. Scans will be done every January, April, July, and October. Please be sure to get your scan done to keep track of muscle mass and body fat percentage to ensure you’re making the right progress. InBody scans need to be done prior to working out and preferably early in the morning. Nutrition clients get a free scan every month.
  • Check out our online apparel store and get yourself some new gear. We’ve got men’s and women’s tanks, T-Shirts and sweatshirts in various colors!
  • Save $$ and help our community grow. Check out our Referral Program and thank you for your support.
  • Check in at least 16 times (12 for Masters) a month and you make it to our Committed Club! If you make it each month your name goes in the monthly drawing for a prize.


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