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News & Notes 📰

Bring a Friend Week starts TOMORROW!!

CrossFit is fun but it’s more fun with friends. This is a whole week where you get to bring a friend or as many friends as you’d like so they get to experience CrossFit with you. They can come for free all week!

Don’t worry, we will make sure all the workouts this week are doable and not so technical for beginners (while still giving those of you with experience a challenge).

And for the exciting part…if your friend signs up for a membership you get $65 cash and your friend gets $65 off their first month! 🤩💵💰

Please send your friends this link to sign up.

  • You can invite as many friends as you’d like.
  • They can come as much as they’d like.
  • They don’t have to come to the same class as you.
  • Once your friends sign up we will send them instructions on how to reserve and check in to classes.

Group picture with Bring a Friend Week dates

Celebrating our Spartan Heroes

What an awe-inspiring feat by our own CrossFit Lake Wylie warriors! Today, 7 of our dedicated members tackled the Spartan 5k, braving the cold weather, deep mud, water hazards, and every obstacle in their path. 💪💦

Their courage, determination, and unwavering spirit embody the very essence of our community. It’s moments like these that make us proud to be part of such an incredible group of individuals. 🏃‍♀️💨

Let’s take a moment to applaud their incredible achievement and cheer them on as they continue to conquer new challenges, both on and off the course! 🎉👏

Picture of CFLKW athletes that completed the Spartan 5K

Goal Setting Sessions & InBody Scans in April 📢

There’s still time to schedule your goal setting sessions with TJ or Laurin. And let us tell you, it has been an absolutely rewarding thing for us as coaches to see the amazing progress you guys are making. But also, getting to show you the progress in your body composition. 

So many of you have had muscle mass increases and body fat loss and you weren’t even aware of it because you were so focused on what your total weight was. It’s also been great to challenge some of you a little by having you set goals, which some of you have never done before! Remember, if you don’t write a goal down it’s just a wish. 

Please take this opportunity to meet with TJ or Laurin to discuss your progress and upcoming goals. We want to hear about what you are proud of, what you want to do next, and how you will get there.

When: April 1st – April 6th, April 8th – April 12th, and April 15th – April 20th

Register here.

*If you’re not available during any of the times listed, please reach out to coach TJ and we can see if another time will work!

We understand that life happens, but please try to be courteous of our time/others’ and only book appointments that you’re able to honor. We only have limited time slots available.

Let’s get these InBody scans booked to see the progress you’re making! 💪🏼

Custom Sports Bras

Alright, this is for the ladies! 🤩

Some of you have been asking for custom CrossFit Lake Wylie sports bras. We can get some from Born Primitive but there is a minimum order of 25. The good thing is we can get there with a mix of all these options. We would use our classic logo for these (the logo on the gym wall).

For custom sports bras we only have the choice between black and white in the Vitality and Helix bras, and only black in Untamed and Crossfire.

Also, the Helix is out of stock until June if that’s a style you really want so the order would take a while.

Lastly, their standard turnaround time for all orders is 4 weeks after they receive all order information including approved artwork and mockups, and payment.

Should there be enough interest in custom sports bras, we will go ahead and set up a pre-order in Wheelpay and submit the order.

Please complete this form to see if we can move forward with this.

Here are the links to each option if you want to see better pictures and other details about fit, etc.

Vitality Sports Bra 2.0 – Black and White

Cost $52…/vitality-sports-bra-2-0-black…/vitality-sports-bra-2-0-white

Untamed – Black

Cost $55

Helix – Black and White

Cost $52

Crossfire – Black

Cost $55…/crossfire-sports-bra-black

Image of sports bras options from Born Primitive

Recent Member Wins 💪🏽🏆

  • Nikki got 3 kipping pull-ups per round in a workout.
  • Demi did 50 kipping pull-ups in a workout.
  • Haochen was able to string 5-6 kipping pull-ups.
  • Greg hit a 3-rep PR on clean & jerks.
  • Sarah McD. got 5 hanging knee raises, a rope climb, and a 1 min plank. Huge wins after having shoulder surgery.

*Remember to let a coach know if you hit a PR so we can highlight you each week. We know this is not an all-inclusive list of wins so be sure to share your wins with a coach so we can celebrate you!

Birthdays this Week 🥳

  • 4/11 Delroy E.
  • 4/13 Bret B.

CrossFit Lake Wylie Anniversaries 🤩

  • 4/9/23 Carrie C. – 1 year
  • 4/9/23 Vince C. – 1 year
  • 4/11/23 Patsy S. – 1 year

Nutrition & Wellness 🥑🧘🏽‍♀️🛌

Does Limiting Sugar Knock Out 🤜 💥 Sugar Cravings?

Have you ever wondered what happens when you cut down on sugar?

Contrary to common belief, it’s not just about bidding farewell to sugar cravings – the positive effects go far beyond that.

Imagine a life where you not only conquer your sugar craving but also experience improved overall well-being.

Here’s a glimpse of what actually happens when you limit sugar intake:

  • Quality Sleep: One of the unexpected perks is better sleep. Reducing sugar can contribute to a more restful night, helping you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day.
  • Increased Energy Levels: Say goodbye to the midday slumps! By minimizing sugar, your energy levels become more stable throughout the day, providing a consistent and sustainable source of vitality.
  • Enhanced Mental Clarity: Experience mental sharpness like never before. Limiting sugar intake can lead to improved cognitive function, helping you stay focused, alert, and free from the mental fog that often accompanies excess sugar consumption.

It’s fascinating how addressing your sugar intake goes beyond mere cravings. These tangible benefits can truly transform your daily life.

The reality of limiting your sugar intake is that for some it isn’t easy and sugar cravings come from a variety of factors.

If you’re ready to kickstart a healthier lifestyle and learn more with a personalized approach book a free consultation with me.

Let’s make it a great week!

— Coach TJ

Tell Me About CrossFit 📚👩🏻‍🏫

CrossFit is constantly varied, functional movement executed at high intensity.

CrossFit’s Four Fitness Models: The Hopper

This week we’re talking about CrossFit’s second fitness model. Watch the video below to hear CrossFit founder, coach Greg Glassman, talk about the hopper.

From CrossFit’s Level 1 Training Guide:
The essence of this model is the view that fitness is about performing well at any and every task imaginable. Picture a hopper loaded with an infinite number of physical challenges, where no selective mechanism is operative, and being asked to perform feats randomly drawn from the hopper. This model suggests that your fitness can be measured by your capacity to perform well at these tasks in relation to other individuals.

The implication here is that fitness requires an ability to perform well at all tasks, even unfamiliar tasks and tasks combined in infinitely varying combinations. In practice this encourages the athlete to disinvest in any set notions of sets, rest periods, reps, exercises, order of exercises, routines, periodization, etc. Nature frequently provides largely unforeseeable challenges; train for that by striving to keep the training stimulus broad and constantly varied.” — Pages 19-20

Programming Summary 🏋🏽‍♂️

Monday: Echo bike calories and DB hang snatches – Today’s workout is a sprint with a light dumbbell that allows you to go unbroken for most if not all of your sets.

Goal: Sub-10:00 minutes, fast pace on the bike and dumbbell hang snatches, very light dumbbell.

Tuesday: A high-volume sprint of sit-ups and deadlifts.

Goal: Finish in 10:00 minutes or less, sit-ups in 2:15 or less, deadlifts in 1:15 or less, both movements in sets of 15 or more, light and easy deadlift load.

Wednesday: Build to a heavy power snatch + overhead squat before the workout. Then, an interval triplet of overhead squats, lateral hops over the bar and max calories on your machine of choice.

Goal: Score is total calories across all rounds, light overhead squats in unbroken sets, lateral hops completed in 1:00 or less, start on calories with 1:00 or more left on the clock.

Thursday: Build to a heavy weighted strict pull-up or get your first strict pull-up. Then, a triplet of walking lunges, pull-ups and KB strict presses.

Goal: 5-8 rounds, strict pull-ups in 1-2 sets, light kettlebell load for unbroken sets, challenging strict pull-up variation that takes no more than 1:00 per round.

Friday: A combination of power cleans, running and plank holds – Today’s workout is higher in volume and moderate in load.

Goal: Finish in 16:00-20:00 minutes, power clean load that allows for 5-7 reps without rest, complete the 400-meter run in less than 2:00, complete the plank in under 3:00, perform a plank from hands and toes or elbows and toes.

Saturday: Fun partner WOD!

No single workout can develop all aspects of fitness and training different time domains helps develop different metabolic pathways. That’s why CrossFit workouts vary daily.

Effectively harnessing elements of variance is key to developing a broad fitness. Keep showing up so you can be the best and fittest version of yourself! 😎

Upcoming Events 📆

Register for Beers & Burpees – Saturday, October 12 – 12:20 pm and 1 pm Heats

We’re one of the co-host gyms for the 14th Annual Beers & Burpees Charity Event on Oct 12 in Charlotte/Indian Land.  This event supports the local non-profit Changing Lives Together Foundation ( and last year the event had 1,068 athletes and raised $138,000.  It’s a boot camp style partner workout with Standard, Scaled and Competitive workout options and the drinking is optional. 

Registration is open and we’re trying to get our members to sign up for the 12:20 & 1:00 pm heat times soon so we can work out together!  SUPER Early Bird pricing is in effect now but ends on April 8.  

Members are looking for partners so please post in our private FB group to find someone to partner with!

It’s 2-person teams and each person gets a t-shirt/tank top and 6 craft beers per team.  Heats are from 9 am to 6 pm with live DJ, games, activities, vendors, food trucks, craft beer garden and a kid’s Brownies & Burpees Heat at 1:40 pm. 

To register go to —

Member Perks 🤩

Being a member of CrossFit Lake Wylie has it’s perks and here are all the discounts and benefits you get for being part of our gym family!

  • Get 15% off at Thorne. You can get anything from prenatal vitamins and probiotics to creatine, whey protein, health tests and so many other high quality supplements.
  • Save 30% on your CrossFit Lake Wylie membership by using your HSA/FSA dollars to pay for your CrossFit Lake Wylie membership.
  • Get 10% off a GOWOD Premium subscription. Get in touch with one of our coaches! Our partnership with GOWOD will enable you to receive a subscription link that will save you 10% on your subscription!
  • $1 per minute massages with James Jones from Zenergy Massage Therapy ($60/60 mins or $90/90 mins). Just let him know you’re a member of CrossFit Lake Wylie and show him your active membership in PushPress (click Memberships in the PushPress app). Text (803) 526-3550 or book your appointment here.
  • Get 10% off at WOD & DONE or use code CFLW at check out for discounts on:
    • Hand protection grips
    • Finger tape
    • Pre-cut thumb protection tape
    • Callus shaver
    • And more!
  • Get $10 off your first bag of Modballs clean energy bites or use code CFLW at check out. They have two flavors, almond coconut and peanut butter, which has been described as a healthy Reese’s Pieces. 😋
  • Get one free InBody scan ever quarter. Scans will be done every January, April, July, and October. Please be sure to get your scan done to keep track of muscle mass and body fat percentage to ensure you’re making the right progress. InBody scans need to be done prior to working out and preferably early in the morning. Nutrition clients get a free scan every month.
  • Check out our online apparel store and get yourself some new gear. We’ve got men’s and women’s tanks, T-Shirts and sweatshirts in various colors!
  • Save $$ and help our community grow. Check out our Referral Program and thank you for your support.
  • Check in at least 16 times (12 for Masters) a month and you make it to our Committed Club! If you make it each month your name goes in the monthly drawing for a prize.


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